Our Story

The Crownstyler® was Invented by a Professional Stylist for Stylists and their Clients.

The Crownstyler® was invented and patented by Robert Accetura a Master Stylist and owner of The Beauty Mark Salon located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With over 25 years in the beauty industry, Robert heard the same frustration from clients over and over again: “I just can’t style my hair as good as you. I wish I could make it look this good at home.”

Robert with his keen sense of wit and humor would jokingly remark back, “I wish you could too. You are my walking billboard. If your hair doesn’t look good, well what does that say about me?”

As his clients strutted out of the salon, Robert witnessed a sense of pride in their appearance. Clients felt better when their hair looked great. He took pride in the fact that he was making a difference in their day and he wanted them to feel and look that good everyday.

He became obsessed with helping clients learn to style their hair but soon realized that sectioning and clipping was the greatest challenge that was keeping women from perfecting their look at home. He knew there had to be a better, faster, easier way to achieve salon-styled results at home.

The Solution

The Crownstyler®a new hairstyling tool that Robert conceived, tested and perfected right in his own salon. In fact, it worked so well that other professional stylists began using and recommending it to their clients, replacing a multitude of traditional clipping devices with one product that simply does the job better.

Today The Crownstyler® is available worldwide for stylists and their clients, helping them both achieve salon-styled results quicker and easier.

Inventor & Master Stylist Robert Accetura

Coming from an experienced family of salon and spa owners, Robert began his career in Connecticut and New York. He moved to South Florida in 1990 where he is the owner and operator of The Beauty Mark Salon specializing in hair design and couture, hair color, weddings and formal events.  Robert’s work has been published in numerous trade publications and he has done international platform work alongside some of the world’s greatest hairdressers.
He gives back to the industry as an educator for L’Oreal Professional, Majirel and INOA Haircolor.

His outgoing personality shines in his creative and technical skills, which inspired him to invent The Crownstyler® a tool he hopes will make stylists’ and clients’ lives easier, and lead to additional industry innovation.

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